Terrible Play to Victory, How Madrid Proves Their Power at the End

Terrible Play to Victory, How Madrid Proves Their Power at the End – Madrid’s victory when they met Barca gives three points to Madrid and resulting Madrid as the top leader of El Clasico. In the first half, Madrid and Barca seem equal with no point at all although Madrid had five attempts to set the goal. Even though in the second half Madrid won, it doesn’t free them from some critiques.

• The Worst Madrid Team in History
Gerard Pique, Barcelona’ centre-back, gives an excoriation as Madrid couldn’t set any goal in the first half. Pique said that Madrid didn’t play well, especially in the first half. Madrid’s five attempts to infiltrate Barcelona’s defence are not enough to make any goal, and they only get one on-target. This was a bad timing for all, including those who bet on this team online through.

It makes Madrid’s play looks terrible since the rival, Barcelona got six attempts and three on-target. This fact gives a label to Madrid as worst Madrid team ever. Their performance didn’t show any sign that they are an elite team. However, this is Ramos’ strategy to ensure Madrid’s winning.

• Sergio Ramos Doesn’t Care about the Comment
Sergio Ramos doesn’t care at all about what Gerard Pique spat. Ramos doesn’t care about what others say about his team’s performance since that is what Ramos intended to do. He planned to make Barca exhausted in the first half since Barca couldn’t penetrate Madrid at all. Even, he said that if he makes his team do something terrible as this match but win the game, will do it as long as it ensures El Clasico trophy to be theirs.

Then, in the second half, Madrid gave an all-out performance that makes them win. Madrid can make the goals through Vinicius Junior in minute 71 and Mariano Diaz in injury time. These goals bring Madrid to the top rank, replacing Barcelona, with 56 points from 26 matches, win one point over Barcelona.

• Terrible Play Gives Madrid Victory
As Sergio said that whatever other people said about their play, it is a precise strategy to win a match and makes Madrid a winner of El Clasico. This Sergio’s plan is proven as a good one although for the others Madrid seemed not to try hard in storming to make a goal but instead to put their defence up, so Barcelona drained their energy. In the second half, Madrid then attacked Barcelona who already tired from the first half, and set two points and ensures the winning.

Everyone can have their opinion about something but still don’t underestimate your rival. What seems terrible in the beginning may surprise you at the end, just as what Madrid did to Barcelona las night.

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