There are a lot of things happening to Barca in the early 2019. While some players arrive, some others go out for transfer to the other teams. Although it is a common practice in soccer, the fans and supporters often expressing their disappointment towards the coach and management for letting the players go.

– The Absence In Copa Del Rey
Arsenal coach openly mentions that the team is considering to transfer Suarez on a loan. Since there is no further confirmation about this news, many people think that the possibility is closed. However, Suarez absence in Copa Del Rey left a big question mark. He rarely absents from the match.

The reporters and fans are quick to ask for clarification from Barcelona’s coach, Valverde. He admits that the transfer process is going, so Suarez cannot be part of team for the recent match. This information is also confirmed by Arsenal coach, Unai Emery. Arsenal management is working on the documents, so Suarez could arrive in summer.

– What The Coach Says
Suarez is well known as one of proud Barcelona’s player. He played well in the matches. So what would be the coach’s reaction to this transfer? Surpsiringly,Valverde answer the question calmly. He mentioned that player transfer is a natural thing, particularly after the player is not participating in several matches.

Valverde respect Suarez’s decision. Staying is great, so he could grow together with the team. Meanwhile, transferring is not a bad option either. He could gain more experiences that will train his skills. Since either way is good for Suarez, Valverde gives his approval.

The rumor that Arsenal goes after Suarez is true. With all his traits, scored goal and outstanding performance in the match, Arsenal coach are keeping an eye on him. Therefore, when the time comes, the chance is immediately taken. Good luck in the new club!

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