Messi Always Hopes Neymar Will Come Back Home to Barca

Messi Always Hopes Neymar Will Come Back Home to Barca – Messi will always want Neymar to come back home to Barcelona as he knows that the Brazilian had the impressive moments while playing for the team from 2013 to 2017 before he moved to Paris Saint Germain. Both of the players and Luis Suarez could help the team to gain so many trophies as they got more and more popular as the MSN trio. This kind of wonderful thing seems to make Messi miss Neymar so much in order to get victory again. He even said that Neymar has been one of the best football players in the world that he loves to play with, and also he is a very happy person as he always smiles and enjoys himself so that he can always give his teammates a lift. Fortunately, the team really notice what the Messiah wants as they really attempted to re-sign Neymar last year. Yet, it was a disappointment because Barcelona and Paris Saint Germain could not agree about the deal. Nevertheless, Messi still believe that Neymar is still thinking about returning to the Catalan team especially considering about the way he left.

Aside of that, even though Barcelona could not get their amazing and talented former player from the Paris team, they had still made some remarkable moves during the transfer period. It can be proven when they signed Lautaro Martinez who played for Inter Milan before. Even, Messi believe that Martinez will be able to give the significant impact to the team as he showed the fabulous performance in the Serie A. Then, he also explained that Martinez can be the perfect player to complement Luis Suarez. Hopefully, they can be the awesome and sharp strikers to score goals as many as possible in order to compete for the prestigious titles in Spain and European.

In addition to this, Messi also confirmed that he does not want to leave the club in the recent time. He tried to convince all the people that he likes to spend his time in Barcelona at least until the end of his contract in 2021. So, it is so obvious that he never has any intensions to move to any other club. It is all because there was a widespread rumor saying that he will move to Manchester City in the summer last year. Thus, it will never be a problem for him because he knows that both of the team club and the fans always want him.

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